Soluna Bioceuticals™

Transformative Algal Science

  • Spirulina

  • Astaxanthin

  • Chlorella

Our Mission

The world population is growing inexorably fast. At the same rate ever since the first industrialization era. In furtherance, our water supplies, natural fauna and flora, and arable land are becoming scarce and affected by climate changes. Humanity is living on the frailty of its interdependence with the elements of change and our survival forecast is worsening.

Soluna Bioceuticals™ introduces a quality organic Superfood protein product line, to provide the ultimate nutritious food to the market. Our Superfood has potent nutritious health properties as bioceuticals, that can improve our immune system, our longevity, our cardiovascular system, our heart, our brain, our eyes, our skin, and our overall general health condition.

Without pesticides or herbicides, free of neurotoxins BMAA, all our products are organic and carefully monitored for an optimal natural quality experience. Our daily operations are scientifically conducted to reproduce the identical quality products that were collected from its initial organic source, to provide healthy superfood proteins and bioceuticals.

Our mission is to become a leader in the production of superfood proteins and bioceuticals in the North American & European markets.